NO LOTTERY Success Story

NO LOTTERY Success Story

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Read about a real life story of how the lottery was defeated, and learn how you can have the same success.

This story comes from Florence, Alabama. How the Lottery was defeated in a liberal area.

The four country area in Northwest Alabama is known for turning out big margins for liberal candidates. This area, while about 80% white, voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 and in 1996, and turns out big margins for liberal candidates in big margins (60% to 65% average). This area is heavily unionized and has a well financed and sucessful Democratic Party machine. This was an area that the Democratic governor of Alabama and his Pro-Lottery forces knew that they could count on to support the Lottery.

Read the following message from a minster of the Church of Christ from Florence, Alabama and be inspired by an amazing story:

    The govenor's problems are popping up everywhere: odds are they will
have some effect on the outcome Tues., but it cannot be told how.
    Do you have the news that he now is charged with having put pressure on
the Board of University of North Alabama to raise $10,000 for his
advertizing campaign for the lottery.  He was on campus Mon. and (after 
seeing the signs in our yards and the billboards urging people to vote "NO" 
to the lottery) within 3 hrs  of his appearance here his office ordered over 
$4,000 of time from Comcast Cable....I do not know about which other media 
they may have contacted to beef up their efforts to influence the people of 
the Shoals/Florence area.

    Churches in the Shoals area have:
            *posted nearly 3,000 signs
            *put up 10 billboards
            *put on 280 30-sec. spots on Comcast cable
            *Put ads in the Times Daily the last 12 days and 2 ads in the
                Courrier Journal
            *written scores of letters to the editor locally and sent them
                to editors throughout the state

The above actions were taken entirely by local Churches of Christ in the Florence and Northwest Alabama area. They deserve credit for leading the charge and setting the example. This pastor wrote dozens of letters to the editor, which were published in several different area newspapers.

In addition to this effort, the local Southern Baptist Associations were very active in getting their churches to participate. There was also a noticeable effort from other churches, especially Charismatic, Baptist, and Presbyterian (PCA). Quite suprising were the efforts made by churhces that are normally considered to be liberal. All of these churches sponsored numerous newspaper ads, had church bulletin notices, and scores of churches purchased "NO LOTTERY" yard signs (7,000 including those purchased by the Churches of Christ) for distribution. It was inspiring to drive through the neighborhoods and see the tremendous number of yard signs. The most important factor of all was the effort by local pastors as was demonstrated by the number of sermons preached on the Lottery and signs in front of churches. There was a rally held on the Courthouse steps in Florence, where ministers of several demonations spoke.

The results were profound. The Pro-Lottery forces out spent us by big margins, primarily on TV and bill boards. But against a bunch of fired up preachers, they did not stand a chance. Three of the four counties had margins of victory voting "No" on the Lottery by over 66%. The lowest county in this area had 62% against the lottery.

The tremendous victory of Florence, Alabama is contrasted to the efforts of nearby Jackson County. This county has similar graphics to the Florence area. However, churches were poorly organized and there were very little visible effort on the lottery as evident by a shortage of newspaper ads on the Lottery. Conservative Christians sent 100 yard signs the last week to a few volunteers in a last ditch effort. The results of Jackson County, was a meager 48%. Quite high for a poor effort. 48% is a loosing number, but fortunately a state wide average of 55% was big enough to provide a resounding margin of victory to make up for their lack of effort.

How can you defeat the lottery in your state? By doing the same kinds of things that these churches did! Preach against the lottery, write letters to the editor against the lottery, sponsor advertisements against the lottery, put up yard signs against the lottery. Explore the resources on this site, or contact us, and we'll help you get started.

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