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Learn how it all started and how to make it stop. With the introduction of gaming over the internet, gambling addicts were faced with a new hurdle in which to jump over. For these individuals, resisting the urge to gamble at their local casino was hard enough but with this newly acquired access to gambling from the comfort of their own living room, a new type of monster reared its ugly head. Now their addiction would be harder to resist due to the sheer availability of online gaming websites. Learn how online gambling came into existence and how this type of gambling affects an individual who has the addiction. We need to stop gambling.

Stop Online Gambling

Gambling over the internet first became available to users of the World Wide Web back in the mid-1990's when the Caribbean islands began issuing licenses to individuals and companies to enable them to operate gaming websites of this type in a legal manner. The individuals who owned the online gambling websites would pay the Caribbean government to operate such sites. From that time to the present, online gambling websites have been widely utilized and by the looks of it, it does not appear that they will lose popularity any time soon.

There are a few reasons why online gambling can be such an addictive habit. One reason why this is so revolves around the convenience of online gambling. One can sit in the comfort of his own home, go online and wager large amounts of money on automated games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and more. The only things an individual needs to be able to gamble online are a computer, internet access and a credit card. Once those things are obtained, that person can start playing games online for money. With any addiction, convenience not only fuels the fire but is the main reason behind the crash and burn aspect of it all. It is very hard to resist something that is at the tip of your fingers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another addictive quality of online gambling is the temptation that if you play, you may win money. There are many people out in the world today that are looking for get rich quick schemes in order to make a living. The aspect of knowing that if you play just one more game you might be able to win a lot of money is very tempting. This propels the individual to play more and more each day, therefore forming an addiction to online gambling. Money makes individuals do foolish things sometimes.

Fortunately for individuals who are battling an online addiction, there are people and organizations available to help rid one of this terrible type of addiction. Gamblers Anonymous was organized back in 1957 in Los Angeles, California for the primary reason of helping individuals beat their gambling addiction. Today, Gamblers Anonymous focuses not only on gambling in a casino type setting but on online gambling problems as well. The basis of Gamblers Anonymous is to organize a place for individuals with gambling problems to meet anonymously and talk about the reasons behind their addiction and what can be done to help them through these hard times. We need to stop online gambling. Stop online Gambling

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