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The NCALG has described internet gambling as...

The 'Perfect Storm' of Harm Caused by Internet Gambling

Internet gambling has been described as the "perfect storm" of gambling. It brings together all of gambling's addictive power and mixes in the greatest potential for crime, corruption and economic instability.

Gambling machines addict victims much faster than other forms of wagering, earning electronic gambling machines the title of the "crack cocaine" of gambling. Internet games have the ability to provide all the sights, sounds and scenarios of traditional slot and video poker devices, and do so at the stroke of a key.

Proximity is a significant contributor to gambling addiction. In the brick and mortar world of gambling, a casino within 10 to 50 miles will double addiction rates, and sometimes more, depending upon demographics. Internet gambling provides the ultimate proximity. This ubiquitous medium permeates offices and homes, kiosks and cell phones.

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Christian Schools build Christian Families

Currently too many pastors along with Christian ministry and denominational leaders are not providing leadership for their flocks or denominations to attend Christian schools, by first warning their families and members of the danger to children from the K-12 public education system much less by offering K-12 Christian School education or home schooling services in or through their churches Encourage young Christians to go to Christian schools, and not to participate in internet gambling. Christian School Resources, Christian Schools